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The AC/DC Converters/Battery Chargers ( WPC Series )

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The AC/DC Wall Plug-Ins

  • High power, low voltage AC to DC converters and battery chargers
  • Non-filtered or filtered DC output
  • Substitutes the on-board power supply, reduces size and weight
  • Removes heat from sensitive circuitry, elements need for cooling devices
  • Provides a secure temper-proof power source
  • Reduces design time of the main product

The WPC Series of converters is essentially a full wave DC power supply capable of operating at low voltage DC. The output may be filtered using a capacitor internal in the converter/charger.

These converters are an economical alternative to provide power to products requiring low voltage non-filtered DC with resistive or inductive loads such as light bulbs, DC motors, solenoids, etc. The filtered output units are especially designed for battery operated products such as tape recorders, radios, calculators, etc.

If the equipment utilizes nickel-cadmium batteries, the converter/ charger can be used to operate the equipment and charge the batteries through a dropping resistor at a constant current. The figure below shows a typical charging circuit for constant current charging. With the switch open, the batteries are charged through resistor (R) at a constant current.


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The AC/DC Wall Plug-Ins
DUF 2.09 (53) 1.42 (36) 1.50 (38)
DUH, AUH 2.36 (60) 1.77 (45) 1.65 (42)
DUJ, DRJ, AUJ 2.40 (61) 2.17 (36) 1.61 (41)
DRL, AUK 3.19 (81) 2.32 (59) 2.05 (52)
DUM, AUM 3.23 (82) 2.36 (60) 1.89 (48)

Standard Models

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Non-filtered AC/DC Converters/Battery Chargers (For filtered output and suffix "F" to the part number)

     Part No.      (*)      DC Output           Case Size     
120 VAC 220 VAC Volts mA
WPC30H50-1 WPC30H50-2 3.0 500 H
WPC45F35-1 WPC45F35-2 4.5 350 F
WPC60H20-1 WPC60H20-2 6.0 200 H
WPC60H30-1 WPC60H30-2 6.0 300 H
WPC60H40-1 WPC60H40-2 6.0 400 H
WPC60J60-1 WPC60J60-2 6.0 600 J
WPC60M120-1 WPC60M120-2 6.0 1200 M
WPC60M200-1 WPC60M200-2 6.0 2000 M
WPC75J50-1 WPC75J50-2 7.5 500 J
WPC85H10-1 WPC85H10-2 8.5 100 H
WPC90M90-1 WPC90M90-2 9.0 900 M
WPC100J50-1 WPC100J50-2 10.0 500 J
WPC120H20-1 WPC120H20-2 12.0 200 H
WPC120J30-1 WPC120J30-2 12.0 300 J
WPC120J50-1 WPC120J50-2 12.0 500 J
WPC120M70-1 WPC120M70-2 12.0 700 M
WPC140J35-1 WPC140J35-2 14.0 350 J
WPC180J10-1 WPC180J10-2 18.0 100 J
WPC200J28-1 WPC200J28-2 20.0 280 J
WPC240H05-1 WPC240H05-2 24.0 50 H

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