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Three Phase Open Frame DC Power Supplies    
Series:   BVZ
Specifications      Standard Models        Schematics        Mechanical Drawings        Datasheet PDF   

  • Unregulated DC output
  • 480V, 3-phase input eliminates need for step-down transformer
  • Field selectable 430/460/480/500/530V input tap
  • Finger-safe and creepage-proof screw terminal connections

The three phase open frame DC Power Supplies, Series BVZ, features an economical design to provide DC power source from a three phase line input of 480VAC ±10%. Direct connection to the high voltage line eliminates the requirement for a step-down control transformer, marking the overall project more economical and compact in physical size. Separate primary and secondary windings provide good isolation between the line load sides.

For enhanced protecting rating of the Series BVZ transformers, all connections are made through the creepage-proof terminals with screw and tab connection. The terminals are protected against finger touch or contact with the back of the hand in accordance with the Accident prevention Regulations (VBG4).




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480 VAC ± 2 x 5%, 3-Phase, 50/60Hz

BVZ schematic

BVZ schematic

Mechanical Drawings   Datasheet PDF

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BVZ Mechanical Drawing

Standard Models

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Part Number Case Size Output Approx. Dimensions (inches) Weight
a b c d e
BUZ-24TA5 TA 24V @ 5A 7.00 6.00 8.00 5.00 2.37 11
BUZ-24TB10 TB 24V @ 10A 7.00 6.50 8.00 5.00 2.87 15.5
BUZ-24TC15 TC 24V @ 15A 8.37 6.00 9.00 6.75 2.75 18
BUZ-24TD20 TD 24V @ 20A 8.37 6.50 9.00 6.75 3.12 24
BUZ-24TE25 TE 24V @ 25A 8.37 6.50 9.00 6.75 3.12 26
BUZ-24TF30 TF 24V @ 30A 8.37 6.50 9.00 6.75 3.12 28

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