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Microprocessor Power Transformer
Series: DMFZ

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MicroZtran photo
  • Transformer for triple output power supplies used in microprocessor, Op-amp and other logic circuits
  • Printed circuit or panel mount
  • Low profile or small mounting surface models
  • Class B insulation - 130°C
  • High isolation - 1500V hipot
  • American and Canadian Agency Approvals

The MicroZtran series has been especially designed for use in triple output regulated DC power supplies commonly used in microprocessor, op-amp and other logic combinations. The ratings shown in the table are the final DC output values after the standard three terminal IC regulator. These outputs are provided with AC line inputs of 100V to 130V (or 200V to 260V for 230V nominal), 50/60Hz. Two standard output combinations are available: 5V with +-12V; and 5V with +-15V. Custom output variations will be quoted and shipped promptly.

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DMFZ application schematic
DMFZ dual primary schematic

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Mechanical Drawings

DMFZ mechanical drawing

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  SIZE     L     W     H     A     B     C     LBs  
  6     1.875     1.563     0.850     1.600     0.375     0.187     0.43  
  12     2.500     2.000     1.065     2.000     0.5000     0.250     0.68  

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Standard Models

Part Number
Primary 50/60 Hz
     DC Output           SIZE      Suggested Components
(Manufacture's specifications must be consulted for final design)
10 Pins
Regulator 1 Regulator 2 C1
D1 D2 IC1 IC2
DMFZ-6-12 5VDC, 135MA + / -
6 1000 2.7 150 10 1N4001 1N4002 LM342P-5.0 LM326N
DMFZ-6-15 5VDC, 135MA + / -
6 1000 2.7 150 10 1N4001 1N4002 LM342P-5.0 LM325N
DMFZ-12-12 5VDC, 270MA + / -
12 2100 2.7 250 10 1N4001 1N4002 LM341P-5.0 LM326N
DMFZ-12-15 5VDC, 270MA + / -
12 2100 2.7 250 10 1N4001 1N4002 LM341P-5.0 LM325N
Ask for specials. Use our on-line custom transformer design form or contact us.
Custom variations are quoted and shipped promptly.

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