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Slot Machine Transformers   UR   cUR   cURus
Series: SMR

Standard Models         Schematics         Mechanical Drawings


  • Especially designed for Pachislo, Pachinko and domestic slot-machines
  • 5Amp, 6Amp and 8Amp models
  • Thermal cut-out protects from short-circuit or overload
    One-shot thermal cut-out (TCO)
       - Auto-resetable thermal cut-out (RTCO)
  • UL, CSA and CE recognized

Transformer is the "heart" of your game. It must provide enough power for the machine to operate with bright lights and quality acoustics.

Our SM series transformers are especially designed for quality, reliability and optimal performance for slot machine applications.



In case of abnormal operation such as overload or short circuit in the game, the models fitted with thermal cut-out will protect against any damage. With one-shot cut-out, the transformer must be replaced, after it trips. However, the resettable cut-out will reset automatically after the transformer cools down and the game is ready to play again within a few minutes.

Designed and manufactured in Illinois/USA, we have complete control on quality and on-time delivery.



Mechanical Drawings

Coming Soon

Standard Models 

Part Number Output
 SMR 5-24-1  SMR 5-24-2 24 5  With Leads
 SMR 5-24-1C


 With Cord
 SMR 5-24-1CRTC  SMR 5-24-2CRTC  With Line Cord & Resetable Thermal Cut-Off
 SMR 5-24-1CTC  SMR 5-24-2CTC  With Line Cord & Thermal Cut-Off
 SMR 5-24-1CTCR


 With Resetable Output Cord
-  SMR 5-24-2CTC-EU  With EUROPEAN Cord & Thermal Cut-Off
-  SMR 5-24-2CTC-UK  With UK Cord & Thermal Cut-Off
 SMR 5-24-1RTC  SMR 5-24-2RTC  With Resetable Thermal Cut-Off
 SMR 5-24-1TC  SMR 5-24-2TC  With One-shot thermal cut-out
 SMR 6-24-1  SMR 6-24-2 24 6  With Leads
 SMR 6-24-1CRTC  SMR 6-24-2CRTC  With Line Cord & Resetable Thermal Cut-Off
 SMR 6-24-1CTC  SMR 6-24-2CTC  With Line Cord & Thermal Cut-Off
 SMR 6-24-1CTCD


 With Input & Ouput Cord
 SMR 6-24-1RTC  SMR 6-24-2RTC  With Resetable Thermal Cut-Off
 SMR 6-24-1TC  SMR 6-24-2TC  With One-shot thermal cut-out
 SMR 8-24-1  SMR 8-24-2 24 8  With Leads
 SMR 8-24-1CRTC  SMR 8-24-2CRTC  With Line Cord & Resetable Thermal Cut-Off
 SMR 8-24-1CTC  SMR 8-24-2CTC  With Line Cord & Thermal Cut-Off
 SMR 8-24-1RTC  SMR 8-24-2RTC  With Resetable Thermal Cut-Off
 SMR 8-24-1TC  SMR 8-24-2TC  With One-shot thermal cut-out

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